Wednesday, April 7, 2010

911: NIST ignores obvious evidence of melted steel at WTC

Preserving The WTC Wreckage

A Visit to Hangar 17

by Beth Fertig

GREENWALD: ... One of the oddest shapes is called the compression. It's so valuable that it's been locked inside a tent within the hangar. It looks like a meteorite and nobody knows which tower it came from says Charles Gargano, vice chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the hangar and the Trade Center Site. Gargano says the compression is actually 4 stories that have been crushed into a jagged object four feet high.

GARGANO: This is metal that has been compressed again as the result of the collapse of these extremely tall buildings. And that is made up, composition of different materials steel, concrete and other materials and you can see how that was compressed.

The analysis of these conglomerates of concrete and fused metal will reveal things that don't fit into the government's story, as the NIST report denies that there was any melted steel.
If this is indeed melted concrete and fused steel, the temperatures would have been well above 2000 degrees fahrenheit and maybe closer to 2500 degrees.

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  1. This is not molten steel. It is deformed steel. Deformed by the impacts of the floors coming together at high velocity.If if was molten at anytime there would not be pieces of books and paper in the "meteorite." It is an example of pancaked floors.

    The thermal images are showing heat the result of fires burning for weeks deep down in the pile, not molten steel. These fires cannot be extinguished by water since the material covering the fires prevents the water from contact with the fires. They have to be dug out to extinguish them. There is a difference between the words metal and steel. Steel requires temperatures of about 2700 deg F to melt. There are many other metals like aluminum, lead, tin etc. that melt at lower temperatures.